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We am able to apply the following tools and skills to practically any data analysis problem:

Whist Microsoft Excel is great for many analysis tasks, and we use it a lot, we are also frequently confronted with data sets that exceed the one million rows that Excel can accommodate. This necessitates using other tools with more flexibility.

After considerable research, we have found the Python programming language and its many open source libraries are the best fit for this purpose. Even in cases where Python is used for the analysis, we usually export data as Excel workbooks. Let us know if you prefer a different format.

Our usual starting point for discussing your project is to understand a little background, and then get straight to what the inputs will be, and what outputs your require. Armed with this information, we can propose a suitable approach, and let you know the approximate cost. Assuming this is acceptable, we can further discuss any ambiguities that come to light, and only then will we present you with a quotation for the work.

If you wish to analyse your own data, we can also develop software tools to assist your organisation - see here.

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