Traffic Data Reports


Free Accounts

You may use our service by yourself free of charge. We include a very small advertising line at the bottom of each report which simply says 'Traffic Data Reports - Powered by DataDevil' and allows users to click on DataDevil to visit our main website. We will do our best to provide assistance with your queries, but obviously need to prioritise paying customers.

Managed Accounts

If you don't have the time or inclination to use our online data configuration interface, we can offer a managed service. Under this arrangement you can just send us your data, maps and locations, and we'll present it all for you.

Your Annual Estimated Data Quantities
Turning Count Junction Days
Link Count Location Days
ATC Surveys

These initial quantities correspond to the sample survey report here.

Indicative Cost

Based on this your data would cost you to present.


To host the reports on your own website, we will need to create a template page which you can add to your site. For this, we will also need you to send us a suitable banner image. We will charge a one-off £30 fee for creating this page, and assist you in adding it to your site if required.

We can also develop a fully customised interface and add reporting facilities to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss what you're looking for.